AirQuad Profesional Aerial Photography & Video
AirQuad Profesional Aerial Photography & Video

AirQuad Drone Team

      AirQuad was created as resultof our passion for and the desire to improve the knowledge about professional aicraft models multicopter type (multirotors) as well as image stabilization from air and land. was created and registered in the USA in 2013. However, the model itself has been manufactured in Poland by ZOMN PRESS company since 2011. Our exprertise is based on over 40-years of experience in aircraft modeling in EU, USA, China, and Japan.
In 2011, upon pursuing our dreams, the very first multicopter was created. After two years of impovbements and testing we are ready to present you a remotely-controlled drone with full gimbal camera stabilization system. On our website you can find both flying modules as well as Hand Gimbal Stabilization System  for GoPro 2, GoPro 3, and GoPro 4 cameras and cameras up to 10 lbs. in weight. Their capabilities are comparable to professional filming equipment.

          Our mission is to create and make available to you most technologically advanced flying models and hand image stabilizers for professional picture and video making. They are compatible with the cameras that are presently on the market. AirQuad will give you opportunity to take unique pictures and make videos from high above the ground. It will faciliate your job if you need to do an inspection or research a certain area in military, construction or film industry. You will be able to create the desired images conveniently from any location.
      We take pride in carefully choosing our merchants for purchasing all the components like motors, controllers, regulators, stabilizers, batteries, charges, and propellers. It is our goul to deliver to you highest quality products with easiest possible assembly steps. We also offer ready to use models for those of you not willing to spend any additional time on assembling the elements. We approach our clients individually and always strive to recognize their needs accurately so that everyone can enjoy most suitable device for them. There is easy access to all of the replacement components both for AirQuad and Hand Stabilizers. We have warehouses in EU and in the USA, which makes delivery of any parts to you fast and convenient.

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